Weinproben-Paket Spätburgunder Trilogie (Bild 1)
Weinproben-Paket Spätburgunder Trilogie (Bild 2)
Weinproben-Paket Spätburgunder Trilogie (Bild 3)
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Wine tasting set „Pinot Noir Trilogy“

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Wine tasting set „Pinot Noir Trilogy“

With this package you have the opportunity to learn about and to taste the influence of climate and soil as well as different approaches in the vinyard and cellar.

All Pinot Noirs, in German called Spätburgunder, for this tasting set are from Germany, but from different reagions and winemakers with "their own signature":

  • 1 light style (Estate wine)
  • 1 medium bodied style (Village wine)
  • 1 strong, oaked style (Single Vinyard wine)

This package is perfect for explore the versatility and "indescribability" of the Pinot Noir. We pack a small list of easy-to-organize "aroma samples" (e.g. dried fruits, nuts, pieces of leather, etc.) in the package. With a little white bread and water to neutralise, you have such an entertaining, instructive and at the same time filling evening program in the pipeline.

Since Pinot Noir wines are storable wines, it is essential to open all three bottles in good time before the tasting. We recommend at least 4-6 hours! You also can try and enjoy the wines glass by the glass for 2-3 days.

And that you don't have to jump in at the deep end, we have created our "Experience Wine" poster. On this we present you the most important information about "wine making" and "tasting wine". Furthermore the package comes with a detailed wine description sheet for each of the wines. We wish you a lot of fun with sniffing and trying!

Please note that the "Experience Wine" poster and the wine description sheets are currently available in German language only.


  • 3 bottles of dry Pinot Noir (0.75l each)
  • 1 poster with the most important explanations around wine making (unfolded this results in three A4-sized sheets) - in German
  • 3 wine descriptions (one A4 sheet per wine) - in German
  • 4 sheets of paper to record your own impressions during the tasting

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