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Geschenkgutschein als Klappkarte - Innenansicht 2

Paper gift card – wine course

Lieferzeiten: Email = Sofort || Klappkarte = 1-3 Tage, Shipping calculated at checkout.


Gift card/ voucher · wine tasting · printed on high-quality uncoated paper

We issue this gift card as a "wine courses voucher" for the corresponding number of people. This gives the card a personal touch and the recipient receives initial information about our wine courses.

In the main text we refrain from naming the amount of money. However, from a legal point of view, the monetary value must be given, so we communicate it in the footnote. If a suitable date has been found, the specified gift card code can be redeemed when registering/booking.

Our wine tastings have different focuses. That is why we introduced courses with a more "culinary focus", which includes topics like "wine & cheese", "wine meets chocolate", and possibly more. The gift card values reflect this differentiation and correspond to the current wine course price per person.

Of course, all gift cards can be redeemed for all wine seminars, if desired also for wine and other products from our shop. They can be redeemed both online and in-store. Any price differences can easily be settled with one of the payment methods offered.

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  • This gift card is currently only available in GERMAN.
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  • Gift cards are not personal. Please make sure the delivery address is correct before placing the order. We are not liable for loss, theft or misuse. This includes sending to an incorrect postal address.
  • Details on gift card redemption can be found in our Terms of Service.