Christmas wines: the basis for a good feast

      Whether it's turkey, duck or goose, a white wine is a good choice for a Christmas roast, as long as it's strong in nature. After all, the wine has to be equal to the dish! A hearty, barrel-aged Chardonnay has lovely notes of caramel and vanilla. The same applies to the Silvaner and Pinot Gris (German: Grauburgunder) in this selection.

      However, if it is to be red wine, lighter and elegant representatives are best suited. This foremost includes the versatile Pinot Noir (German: Spätburgunder) with its aroma reminiscent of forest, leaves and mushrooms. If this sounds too "wild" to you, you will find a more "fruity" base of berries and cherries in the other candidates.

      Tip: Please use the sorting option "Featured". The list first shows the white wines in order of increasing strength, followed by the red wines. These are also listed in order of increasing strength.