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Wine tasting set „Wine to the cheese“

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Wine tasting set „Wine to the cheese“

Wine & cheese are an absolute culinary dream combination, which can certainly produce the one or other explosion of the taste buds. Not only the French know that ...;)

With the right combinations, a get-together or the end of the day will be really nice. Even those who think that only red wine is the ideal partner for cheese has the opportunity to convince themselves of the opposite with this package. In our "Wine to the Cheese" package we present two white and three red wines that are perfectly matched to the aromas and taste nuances of various cow, goat and sheep's milk cheeses.

Please note: the package does NOT contain any cheese, as we can’t control the cooling chain when delivering cheese! We present the perfect cheese partners in text form based on the style and character of the individual wines. Furthermore, we include a "cheese shopping list" to the package.

That’s an overview of the wine and cheese pairings we are going to present:

  • Crisp & elegant Sauvignon Blanc for a fresh goat soft cheese
  • Soft & round Chardonnay for a light oak notes for Brie de Meaux or Camembert de Normandie
  • Berry-fruity Lagrein Blend for a Stilfser or light red smear cheese; alternatively with mild Comte or Gruyere
  • Berry-spicy Cotes du Rhone for a Saint-Marcellin or Saint-Felicien
  • Peppery and spicy Rioja with Manchego or Iberico

And that you don't have to jump in at the deep end, we have created our "Experience Wine" poster. On this we present you the most important information about "wine making" and "tasting wine". Furthermore the package comes with a detailed wine description sheet for each of the wines. We wish you a lot of fun with sniffing and trying!

Please note that the "Experience Wine" poster, the wine description sheets and cheese shopping list are currently available in German language only.


  • 2 bottles of dry white wine and 3 bottles of dry red wine (0.75l each)
  • 1 poster with the most important explanations around wine making (unfolded this results in three A4-sized sheets) - in German
  • 5 wine descriptions including recommendation of suitable cheeses (one A4 sheet per wine) - in German
  • 4 sheets of paper to record your own impressions during the tasting
  • Cheese shopping list - in German

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